Company Policies

  • After an initial site assessment, we perform a free initial cleaning of the site to establish a standard for the site, allowing our performance to be evaluated, in conjunction with our intention to meet our client’s expectations.
  • Staff are provided site specific and WHS induction, ensuring cleaner’s room and chemicals storage meet the full requirements as per the MSDS specifications
  • All equipment and chemicals will be delivered prior to commencement of works and adequate onsite training is conducted
  • It is staff policy to be dressed in the company’s uniform whilst at the workplace. Staff are required to act professionally towards all aspects of their work and provide customer service etiquette at all times.
  • Provision of a weekly meeting with the supervisor who will then provide a regular monthly report, with all the preventative maintenance and site inspections conducted in that month, to our area managers.
  • Area managers constantly update staff with information on the latest cleaning products and equipment, ensure provision of training and induct all the staff and monitor performance of individual members of the team.
  • Staff review of individual’s performance occurs on a 6 monthly basis and provide for individuals to receive annual incentives ensuring future growth of the company.
  • Our aim is to provide our clients with the highest standard of cleaning with minimal disruption. To ensure this outcome our staff are individually selected based on the nature of the work.